Even though it’s the web-age, the always online generation and what not, there’s (and will always be) the classic printed ad – and it IS effective.


Most people have come to trust printed media as a source for reliable, solid information – and so their trust is being transferred over to printed ads within the printed copy of whatever they like reading. Printed ads are perceived as more authentic than ‘just’ in digital form.


The highly segmented print media landscape allows for a quite detailed target group selection – there are as many newspapers as there are political parties, and even those papers are segmented again by age group and location. The same goes for food, computers, cameras, etc. – you name it, there’s a magazine or paper catering to enthusiasts of it.

Daily newspapers: The news when they are actually news, day by day, alongside editorial content and printed ads. This is the most general target group, though a bit more educated than the general population.


Weekly newspapers: Summarizing the week for those who don’t have the time to read a daily newspaper, they are several dozen pages in volume, featuring everything from national to international news, editorial content, travel tips, classifieds, etc. While daily newspapers are a quick read, weekly newspapers are not – which is an advantage for advertisers, since readers spend more time per page reading.


Journals: Those are catering to a specific target group, featuring a solid readership. By and large, the general public is simply not interested in the published technical topics.


Corporate magazines: Those are magazines designed to bind the existing customer base to a company. Distributed for free, they almost always only feature content relevant to the company.


Yellow press: Though specific in a very broad sense of the word (men, women, teens, elderly people), they do have their readership. Featuring generally not very challenging or polarizing content, they are an easy read. Their name stems from their covers: Very colorful, so to catch the eye of the potential reader.


Weekly classifieds: A German household staple, the weekly classifieds feature news from a specific region alongside extensive advertisement. But people read them none the less, because they get them delivered for free (they are completely financed by ads).



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